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Websites: The Lighthouses of the World Wide Web

Websites: The Lighthouses of the World Wide Web

If you are a small business, you probably already know that having a website is a good idea to boost sales and get the word out about your small business. After all, these days people do everything online—from shopping for clothes to ordering pizza. But did you know that almost 70% of small businesses with an annual revenue of $1M plus have a business website? That’s a staggeringly high percentage and points to the mounting conclusion that websites have quickly become one of the most effective sales and marketing tools available for the growing small business.

In an enlightening information table put together January 12, 2015 from Statistic Brain (Sources: E- Marketer, Barlow Researches, U.S. Census Bureau, Jupiter Research), the evidence is clear: websites are the lighthouses in the stormy sea that is the World Wide Web. In a technology-driven society where websites and QR barcodes are the new means of information distribution, a company website is akin to the bright beacon of light that lighthouses offer ships trying to navigate a stormy sea: it offers a landing place, a place of safety, a place where people can get out of the storm and rest on solid ground.

Is your company website shining a light onto your business, or is it directing people to shaky ground? Do you offer a safe place for people who are looking for information about your area of expertise or do you have a website littered with useless information or worse still, not enough information? Websites are arguably the most effective means of information distribution and as statistics show, 80% of their function is to offer general information about their subject. What kind of information are you sharing about your small business? Is your website an effective lighthouse?

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